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Welcome to the Happy World!

Welcome to the Happy World!

That sounds like a Disney attraction, but in reality Happy World is a vision about « the dictatorship of the absurd » in Burma. It’s a real original, innovating and attractive video experiment which uses humor and a sarcastic tone to spread the difficulty for Burmeses living under the oppression of the dictatorship.


In 2009, two french film-makers, Tristan Mendès France and Gaël Bordier went to Burma to clandestinely shoot a documentary about the absurd decisions made by the dictatorship and its consequences for the people. Happy World is a 30 mn documentary directed and edited specifically for the Internet.



But Happy World is more than a simple documentary, it’s a hypervideo experiment. Actually, it’s presented in a HTML5 shell that displays dynamic data and contextual information to enrich the video. It also can be shared or downloaded.

Happy World – Burma, the dictatorship of the… par happy-world_tv

We invite you to discover the website and all its contents (interviews, an infographic, an interactive map of the Burmese opposition in the world…). There is the making of oh the film.


Happy World’s Making Of (english subtitles) par happy-world_tv

And you also can test The Censurator. But what is it? It’s a great application for Twitter and above all a great tool to viralize Happy World. Users are prompted to enter a Twitter account – their own or from a friend – and to let the censor-micro-ship work its magic. The Censurator features 20 comical animations censoring the prompted Twitter account and the user is encouraged to share this service on its social networks.



Happy World
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Produced by Cinquième étage production et Upian