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Wet your finger and rub

Wet your finger and rub


I have seen a lot of shockvertising but this one is a real needle in the eye. This postcard is from AMAM, a Spanish organisation fighting against genital mutilation.

“Wet your finger and rub to find out what millions of women feel”
After following the instructions, thanks to a special ink, the word NADA (nothing) appears underneath.
Text back of card: “Over two million girls suffer genital mutilation every year”.

The AMAM association has very few members and strictly limited funds, for which reason it had to run a campaign with few resources but convincing, with a high profile. This is why a free postcard was chosen, to be distributed at strategic points where the target audience was to be found: arthouse cinemas, theatres, galleries, etc. The postcard’s impact was visible very quickly, with donations, e-mails and even mentions in the media.



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