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What breast cancer really looks like

What breast cancer really looks like

caraballo-farman is the two person (husband and wife) team of Abou Farman and Leonor Caraballo. They have been working together in new media, video, installation and photography since 2001.


Leonor is a breast cancer survivor, and when she was diagnosed she says her first instinct, as an artist, was to understand what the unseen tumour really looked like. She and Abou set out to turn images of breast cancer tumors from the MRI’s of patients and friends into 3D printing and art. The result is on Facebook as Object Breast Cancer.

From the page: “OBJECT BREAST CANCER (OBC) is based on the conviction that artistic interventions can have important social and psychological effects. OBC believes that tumor visualization can serve as a powerful, direct and innovative way of confronting the aftermath of a disease that affects almost 300,000 women in the US every year. OBC intends its amulets to be empowering, to facilitate dialogue and bring attention to the importance of medical imaging and early detection. Aside from the OBC jewels, the project also includes sculptural and installation work.”

What could be uglier than a tumour? And yet the artists have created something beautiful from the terror within.

See some examples of the tumour sculptures from their opening two weeks ago at the Ramis Barquet Gallery in NYC below.





Object Breast Cancer by caraballo-farman

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