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What Davo Loves / Slow Down Stupid

What Davo Loves / Slow Down Stupid


What Davo Loves is an anti-speeding campaign for Queensland Transport, the government department responsible for road safety in the Australian state of Queensland.
The campaign is a little different from usual anti-speeding campaigns. It attempts to highlight the ramifications of speeding, even at what a driver might consider a ‘safe’ speed, by showing what every speeding driver stands to lose – all the things he loves.

The centrepiece of the campaign is a seemingly average website made by an average guy called Davo, about all the things he loves.

Two of the video’s as shown on the microsite:


The intention is to capture the attention of young males (and related audiences, such as their girlfriends and parents) and surprise them with the anti-speeding message.
The campaign has been promoted entirely online, however, the target audience is highly unlikely to actively respond to anti-speeding commercials. Promotion has therefore focused on the things that Davo hates, as a way of capturing attention and enticing click-through.

A variety of new display formats have been used like:





Queensland Transport
Additional credits:
Agency Partner: Kevin Moreland

Creative Director: Nick Ikonomou
Associate Creative Director (Interactive): Michael Battle
Account Director: Alan Kewley
Interactive Producer: Trudy Worden
Interactive Strategist: Peter Luetjens
Interactive Designer and Developer: Tim Jensen
Copywriters: Nick Iknomou & Michael Battle

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