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What does green colour look like?

What does green colour look like?

Boy: “Warden Uncle, how many colours are there?”
Warden Uncle: “Red, Blue, Yellow. Green…”
Boy: “What does green colour look like?”

This Bronze winner at the Cannes Lions 2007 in the category Film is my absolute favorite. This is art and although it’s about blind children this video makes me happy. Film shows a collage of blind school kids playing Holi (the Indian festival of colors). It ends with an appeal to donate one’s eyes.
The video is from the Eye Bank Association of India. Their mission is to continuously educate general public about preventing blindness caused due to corneal disorders and wherever cure is required facilitate availability of cornea in the shortest possible time. The Main Objective is to create awareness about eye donation and act as a resource center for all eye banks in India.
67 people (including the creators of this film) have agreed to donate their eyes after seeing this film. The number of donors kept on increasing with every passing week. By the end of the 4th week 1325 people had pledged to donate their eyes.

Update: The video is removed several times from YouTube. The version above is without subtitles.
The low quality version below with subtitles.

Eye Bank Association of India
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director: Raghu Bhat/Manish Bhatt
Creative Director: Raghu Bhat/Manish Bhatt
Copywriter: Manish Bhatt/Raghu Bhat/Gajraj Rao
Art Director: Manish Bhatt/Raghu Bhat/Gajraj Rao
Agency Producer: Subrat Ray
Production Company: Code Red Films, Mumbai India
Director: Gajraj Rao
Producer: Subrat Ray
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Amitabha Singh
Music – Artist/Title: Rajat Dholakia
Other Credits: Lyrics: Gopal Datt

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