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What if everyone in Manhattan disappeared

What if everyone in Manhattan disappeared

This new video from UNHCR illustrates the scale of the Syrian Refugee crisis by showing what 1.5 million people leaving Manhattan would look like. This number equals the number of Syrian refugee children. The UNHCR ask us to share their story. In fact we did many times and this soft approach isn’t enough anymore.

Lebanon has welcomed 1,600,000 refugees, swelling its population by 36%. While at last count the UK had only resettled 54. There is the problem.
A nice video, though. But we now need more decisiveness.

UNHCR: What if everyone in Manhattan disappeared

Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director: Hannah Kreisworth
Creatives: Simon Duncan-Watt, Joe Mischo, Marius Crowne,
Creative producer: Simon Duncan-Watt
Production company: Purpose
Director: Simon Duncan-Watt
Editor: Marius Crowne
Producer: Joe Mischo

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