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What if I were a girl?

What if I were a girl?

I’m a 30 years old guy who is quite happy with his life choices and how it is going so far. But what would my life be if I were a girl born in one of the developing countries? I know that, how I feel about my life, could be very different.


Plan UK, with its campaign “Because I am a Girl”, wants us to think about challenges faced by young girls from world’s poorest countries. Recently they have released an Facebook app “Plan your story”. The app uses some of our Facebook details to compile a short personalised animation. It tells about what a life of a girl born without a birth certificate can look like. No education, no friends, possibly a very early forced marriage, no legal aid and not being able to fight for your rights. At the end there is an ask for a £2 donation towards Plan UK’s Girls Fund that was set up to help young girls in developing countries.


This kind of animation, through its personalisation, has a potential of putting the message across in a much stronger way than for example generic video. It is well proved that we connect better when faced with well personalised communications. With the use of Facebook it can go beyond our name and donation history, it can use our photos, friendships, education and work details and what we say. If used smartly and creatively, there is all a charity can need to create strong and personal relationship with potential supporter.

Here is similiar commercial Facebook app – The Museum of Me

Plan UK