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What makes a man desirable?

What makes a man desirable?

This 2-minute animated film is made for Breakthrough India, a project what, as they say on their website “working to make violence and discrimination against women and girls unacceptable”.

A main part in their work is education about gender roles. Like what they did in the video above with the question: What makes a man desirable? Masculinity? Machismo? They look how masculinity works for men and everyone around them.

We all have absorbed gender stereotypes into our system that we forget to introspect and think logically about such attitudes and behaviors. And somehow become a part of it by either experiencing it or by actually doing it or by just quietly watching it happening around.

Education is the most logical link to break the gender roles. Because these roles are the basis of the problems.

The animation is made by UnCommonSense Films.

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