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What will your last 10 years look like?

What will your last 10 years look like?

This is the latest campaign from the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation. They ask the public one simple question:
“What will your last 10 years look like?”

Heart and Stroke Foundation: “Although Canadians are living longer, according to Statistics Canada, on average, there’s a 10- year gap between how long we live, and how long we live in health. This gap is mainly due to heart disease, stroke and other chronic conditions.”

The foundation tells us with this campaign that a healthy lifestyle can make the last ten years our life a lot more enjoyable. Sounds very legitimate isn’t it?

We have discussed it internally because we were shocked after seeing the video.
For me the video is very confrontating because the scenery was almost the same in my father’s last ten years. He suffered from Alzheimers which had nothing to do with his lifestyle.
A healthy lifestyle can help a lot but it isn’t mathematics. The quality of life is determined by many factors. It depends not only on one’s own responsibility. Like social economic or genetic factors.

Two quotes from our discussion:
“Last 10 years in sickness is so vague. My 96 year old grandfather has spent his last 2 in sickness cause guess what ? The body degenerates. No solutions are offered. It’s just strange.”
“It’s almost insulting to people in nursing homes, like, they asked for it?”

Also on the Heart and Stroke Foundation YouTube channel there is discussion. And the good thing is that the foundation responds.

“We often hear people say “if I had only known I would have done it differently.” Well, we know. This video spells it out quite clearly. It gives us the foresight to make changes now, before we find ourselves living our final 10 years in sickness. And even if it is our lot to do so, being proactive may give us a better quality of life in those years.”

“We understand there are chronic conditions that cannot be avoided and we do not wish to offend anyone. The goal of Make Health Last is to motivate and support Canadians to live longer, healthier lives by addressing five controllable behaviours that can affect heart disease and stroke risk: Physical inactivity, smoking, poor diet, stress and excessive alcohol consumption. We’re hoping the public will go to and take our Risk Assessment as the first step towards better health.”

Now it is up to you. Are the critics too negative?



Screen from the campaign website:


Heart and Stroke Foundation
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