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What you hear is not a special effect

What you hear is not a special effect

New ad from Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica released in April 2011.

SOS Mata Atlântica is the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest conservation foundation, Mata Atlântica is the name of the eastcoast of Brazil and is one of the world’s most critical regions as we speak about deforesting.

What you hear is not a special effect.
It is the life of a species ending along with this trunk.
There’s only 7% of the original rainforest.

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Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica
Lew’LaraTBWA, São Paulo, Brazil
Additional credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Jaques Lewkowicz
Executive Creative Director: Manir Fadel, Luciano Lincoln
Creatives: Fábio Perazzo, Marcelo Amaro, Ricardo Gurgel
Production Company: Plutão Excluído
Director: Marcel Guariglia
Artist: Zimoun
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Roberto Klabim

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