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Here is a very unique project. Watever emotions it’ll generate, it can’t leave you cold.
This project is an amazing documentary ( I can’t say about handicap question because it would be too much simplistic) named « Mirror of my soul ».

All you have to do is browse through the literature pertaining to handicaps (the various attempts to define the term, the numerous denominations, and even the recent laws regarding the topic) to understand that handicaps are still a major social issue. Despite heightened awareness and legal measures, handicaps continue to be a cause of social exclusion; and this with regards to education, access to facilities, professional integration, but first and foremost to social acceptance.

A central theme in Mirror of my soul, a tenderly and modestly filmed documentary, is making people aware that the way some look at those who are handicapped is sometimes harder to take than the handicap itself.
It is thus essential to instruct people on how to see handicaps. This documentary goes in search of some souls.

Stories :

« At the age of 27, I have finally realized that it was the power of an image that had me firmly bound to an idealized self, something that I have now destroyed with great jubilation. »
Benoît W.

« At the outset, I also did it for myself, simply to have a vision, indeed another vision of myself; and then obviously after and beyond that, the goal of the project is to help others change the way they see handicaps. And when I say others, it’s not necessarily just those who are not handicapped, it is also about helping handicapped people take this step and go further and see themselves as more than just a broken body.” Marie D.

« It really did me a lot of good to participate in an ambitious and positive project on representations and images, because we are still living in a society where advertisements are omnipresent… and I have the feeling that I am promoting handicaps, and so I think it is cool to be a consumer good that makes sense.” 
Nicolas B.



With this film, Deza Nguembock calls for people in society to have a moment of reflection: and not just by looking in a mirror… but more by using common sense.
« Mirror of my soul » was produced by E&H LAB: A communications and public relations consulting agency specializing in diversity and more precisely handicaps. E&H LAB conceives and implements communication strategies through the mixing of various techniques of expression in all areas by supplying both external and internal means of communication based on the artistic concept of Esthetics and Handicaps.

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