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Where did community go?

Where did community go?

Why do we prefer iPods to conversation? Why do we have more friends on Facebook than in real life? When did we stop letting our kids walk to school?

YMCA of Greater Vancouver (Can) and TBWAVancouver have created a campaign about the state of our community.

Seems that over the past couple of decades, we’ve been spending more time at work, less time with our families, and less time doing physical activities. Obesity is up, internet usage is way up, and participation in sports is way down. Maybe it’s time to go back to a time when we knew the mailman, we knew our neighbours, and we felt safe in our own neighbourhoods.


Questions about the state of our community are going up on teaser posters around the city of Vancouver, and are leading people to On the site, people can watch an animated short video that points out how disjointed people have become, and then resolves with the YMCA’s new mission statement, Bringing people together.
This campaign encourages to take a step back and consider what community used to be, and more importantly, where it’s going.


YMCA of Greater Vancouver
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Paul Little
Copywriter: Mia Thomsett
Art Director: John Williamson
Agency Producers: Catharine Chesterman, Jen Mete
Director: Isaac King
Production Company: Head Gear Animation, Toronto
Producer: Kathryn Rawson
Sound Design: Wave Productions
, Vancouver
Music: Apollo Studios
Glossy inc.

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