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Where’s The Fence?

Where’s The Fence?

Although this blog is about communication from and for non-profits and is not meant to make my personal political statements. But it’s obvious through the choices of subjects I make what my political color is. The video above definitely doesn’t fit into my beliefs but I’m very curious what you think of this video from the American conservative group called Grassfire. is asking the Congress to “abandon its reckless amnesty agenda” by opposing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. identifies itself as a “conservative, pro-family and pro-faith” organization comprising “hundreds of thousands of citizens.” (…)
Ron De Jong, communications director for, told that before lawmakers “march on” to the next bill, they need to address last year’s bill authorizing a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. “They okayed a 700-mile fence last year, and they have not made good on their word,” he said. “There is an agenda underway here to not enforce the borders.”
De Jong called it “obscene” that roughly two miles of fencing has been built over the last year. “They really have no intention of building the fence,” he said. “Through this ad, we’ve basically called them out on that.”

The “Where’s the Fence?” ads feature three elderly ladies searching for – and not finding – the fence Congress pledged to build at the border – a take-off on the 1984 Wendy’s hamburger ad campaign featuring actress Clara Peller asking, “Where’s the beef?” (See below)

What do you think of this “Where’s the Fence?” ad?

(Source: and Adfreak)


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