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IFAW iPhone app: Which animal are you?

IFAW iPhone app: Which animal are you?


IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, came today with an iPhone app: Manimal! The app transforms people’s faces into animals.

Which animal are you? And your friends? You’ll know with a couple of simple steps: take a photo, align the eyes and mouth, and Manimal! morphes the portrait into a rhino. Or a buffalo. Or a fat pig! But keeping your facial features. The hilarious transformed photo can easily be posted on social networks or shared via e-mail. But the photo can also be assigned to a contact in the address book.

This app is not just fun, it also aims to improve awareness that man and animal need each other in this world. The revenues go to IFAW thus raising both funds and IFAW supporters in a new way.
The app is available in the iTunes app store.

Dutch agency RAPP created the concept of the Manimal! app. Sharewire was responsible for the technical realization of the app.


IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare

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