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Who is really behind these powerful “Gendercide” ads?

Who is really behind these powerful “Gendercide” ads?

The Life Foundation Gendercide

Buzzfeed’s Copyranter calls them “Powerful” and “brutally honest”. We know that the ads are from O&M Vietnam. But who is “The Life Foundation”?

The Life Foundation Gendercide is an organization that helps orphans in Romania and India. fights AIDS in Hawaii and the Pacific. Could it have been the Touch a Life Foundation, that advocates on behalf of trafficked and vulnerable children around the world, in Southeast Asia, and elsewhere? Without a call-to-action, or even attribution, it’s hard to tell if the ads even have a client.

The Life Foundation Gendercide

Does it matter if the ads are “real”, if the message is so important and powerful? When it comes to the issue of sex-selective abortion, intentions matter.

Here in Canada, where I live and work, the Gendercide issue has been adopted by the anti-abortion movement as a way to rebrand their issue as a women’s rights issue. While it certainly is, so is the reproductive choice of adult women. Throw in accusations that some Toronto hospitals have been racially profiling South Asian women, refusing to sex their fetuses in routine ultrasounds, and you have all the makings of a very complicated and emotional public debate.

The Life Foundation Gendercide
Via Campaign Brief Asia

So, what are these ads? Unsolicited award-bait? Women’s rights cause marketing? Clever anti-choice propaganda? Or all three?

The comments thread below awaits your input and revelations.

“The Life Foundation”
Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam
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