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A few months ago Marc posted about Do the test, a campaign for Transport for London. A simple but effective awareness test.
Here’s the sequel:

It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for
On a busy road this could be fatal
Look out for cyclists

It’s not as simple and clean as the first one, but it’s entertaining. And true, besides the obvious fact that you are missing these changes, tests have shown you won’t brake as fast for e.g. a penguin as you would for a dog (unless you work in a zoo or live in penguinland).

So, did you watch it a second time?

There are a few more though less entertaining tests on
On that site you’ll also find the first test I mentioned above. But, for your convenience, I embedded it below.


Transport for London
Additional credits:
Creatives: Kit Dayaram & Tom Spicer
Director: Chris Palmer