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Who’s driving you home tonight?

Who’s driving you home tonight?

This is a follow-up from the award-winning ‘Papa wag vir jou’ campaign we wrote about in 2010. It is from Brandhouse, an alcohol beverage company in South Africa.

The message is clear and simple just like two years ago: “Who’s driving you home tonight? Never drink and drive.”

The campaign might be shocking for viewers outside South Africa. It shows the harsh reality in South African prisons. It can be the place to sleep after drunk driving.

I talked to Johan Jonck today about this campaign. Johan is the man behind, the South African road safety information portal.
I asked him if drunk drivers always go to prison in SA. Johan: “No – our law enforcement on road violations in SA not up to scratrch I am sad to say… The problem is that you may be kept overnight in a cell with 24-30 other inmates for far worse offences..and this is why we find gang rape etc.”

In this stage the campaign contains 1 tv-spot, 6 print ads and a Facebook app. The digital is still being rolled out. And there are more video’s on the way. We will publish them when ready.
With the Facebook app viewers can send a personalized video to a FB friend.







Brandhouse Drive Dry Initiative
FoxP2, Cape Town, South Africa
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Justin Gomes
Art Director: Ryan Barkhuizen
Copywriter: Simon Lotze
Director: Robin Goode
DOP: Michael Cleary
Editor: Anthony Lee Martin
Photographer: Sacha Waldman
Other credits: Giant Films, We Love Jam Cape Town, Deliverance, Searle Street Post

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