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Wipe yourself out

Wipe yourself out


Two ads from the Romanian Bridge of Hope Foundation, Fundatia Podul Sperantei.
The use of heavier drugs in Romania is today a rising problem. Narcotics is an increasing problem among many young people and especially in the target group for the work of many other organizations all over Romania. Presently this foundation nor has the means neither the objective to approach drug addicts.

Due to the new situation the need to assist addicts and train manpower to do so is becoming evident. It is unavoidable that the now day glue sniffers will become drug addicts in the nearby future. Organizations have to prepare themselves in order to be ready to admit them in their programs. If the Christian organizations are not ready for it the non Christian organizations will do it. But the treatment, approach and results will be different than from a Christian point of view.
In 2000 the use of hard drugs (heroine) was noticed by some workers on the streets of Bucharest. Children, usually addicted to glue sniffing were now found while fixing heroine in their veins. No hygienic measures were taken (as well as available) as only using your own needles. This will create tremendous health risks like the spread out of HIV and hepatitis. It was realized that a new form of addiction entered Romania with, for most of those working with street children, totally unknown substances, unknown consequences and unknown behaving patterns.
The Bridge Of Hope Foundation has been established in 2004 and is a corporate body without a patrimonial or profitable purpose, and also, apolitical tendency. The foundation aims for informing the large public regarding the destructive effects of drug consuming through specified activities.


Fundatia Podul Sperantei
La Roumanie
Additional credits:
Art Director: Bob Toma
Copywriter: Alex Strimbeanu
Photographer: Bob Toma

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