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Woman to Go

Woman to Go

Shoppers at an upscale mall in Tel Aviv, Israel, are being exposed to a disturbing window display: Live women, apparently sick and beaten, labelled like products and all offered for sale.

(Photos from TresSugar)

This installation is part of campaign to spread awareness about sex trafficking in Israel and gain support for national legislation which would criminalize “Johns”.

Euronews quotes Ori Keider, one of the people behind the campaign:

“ What we see here today is an example of what’s going on in houses and basements and yards in this city, but today we’re showing it in the centre of this shopping mall so people can understand, they cannot look away.”

According to

Over the past decade, upwards of 10,000 people have been trafficked into Israel, many of whom have been women forced into prostitution. Currently, around 3,000 women are estimated to be trapped in the sex trade. In Israel, prostitution is legal for both the buyer and seller, although pimping, brothels, and sex trafficking are not. But some advocates believe the impunity with which men can buy sex in Israel has led to their trafficking problem.



Euronews also has proprietary video of the event.

And there are more photos here.

Working Group Against the Trafficking of Women

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