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Woman’s Last Stand

Woman’s Last Stand

I didn’t watch the Superbowl, but it’s almost impossible to miss the cavalcade of high-end commercials that are produced for the event. And despite the fact that 45% of the viewers are female, most of the ads are aimed squarely at the stereotypical man. The Dodge Charger commercial “Man’s Last Stand” is a perfect example, in which a male voice explains all the “sacrifices” men make, mostly for women, and of course equating that with a need for a new car. While it might take a while for a traditional women’s rights group to create a campaign in response, the great thing about current technology is that an individual can put their response online only days after the commercial airs. “Woman’s Last Stand” is a spot on parody by YouTube user mackenziefegan who provides no details about herself and is not officially associated with any organization, yet she has already garnered almost 200,000 views and thousands of comments! Here’s hoping it creates more debate about the depiction of women in the media…

[Warning there is some Not Safe For Work language]

If you haven’t seen the original you can watch it below…


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