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Women’s Voices from the Muslim World

Women’s Voices from the Muslim World

Women’s Voices Now is a New York based NGO founded in January 2010. The mission of WVN is to empower women and give voice to the struggle for civil, economic and political rights.
Their first project is hosting Women’s Voices from the Muslim World: A Short-Film Festival.
As they say: “A collection of voices from women of all faiths living in Muslim-majority countries and Muslim women living as minorities around the world that fills the void in information created by traditional news, media and art sources.” It is what’s being called the first-ever international showcase of short films about Islam and women.

The submission deadline closed on November 24. The competition include cash prizes of $35,000 and the opportunity to be featured in the WVN Festival in Los Angeles, March 10-12, 2011. 93 short films are in the final round containing fiction, experimental, documentary and student work. You can see them all on the WVN website.

I choose a few of my favourites for what it’s worth (as seen through the eyes of an outsider).

Above a film by Mostafa Heravi
With: Somaye Dehban; Music: Wim Mertens

Tabu by Parang Khezri / Iran

This movie reveals the fictional story of a girl in Iran who is facing with masses of “SHOULD NOTs”. The concept of “should nots” that she is keeping the desire of experiencing them in her unconscious but there is always a “BUT” which is…

In the Morning by Danielle Lurie / USA
When a young Turkish girl is raped, the responsibility of restoring her family’s lost honor is left in the hands of her younger brother – a thirteen-year-old boy. (2005)

Voice of a Woman Living with HIV by Malaysian AIDS Council / Malaysia
Lela is a Muslim and she is living with HIV. She is a single mother with 4 children. She was infected with HIV by her former husband who was a drug user.


Behind the Wall by [private] / Kyrgyzstan
About domestic violence in Kyrgyzstan


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