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World Book Day: I’d miss

World Book Day: I’d miss

What magical land exists at the back of 10-year old Alexia’s wardrobe…

To mark World Book Day, RNIB (The Royal National Institute of Blind People) has launched an online campaign on 3 March to highlight the acute shortage of books accessible to blind and partially sighted people, especially children.

And they ask a very interesting question. “Have you ever considered what you would have missed out on if you weren’t able to enter the magical world of children’s stories?”

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the lack of stories available for the blind or partially sighted as only 5% of all books have been turned to audio books. What is you favourite book? Tell the RNIB at their Facebook Page. They will create a wish list of favourite books to be made available as audio books.

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Interview with Alexia Sloane, star of RNIB’s online film—I’d Miss.

I’d miss – Audio Description:

St. Lukes
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