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World Industrial Design Day Poster

World Industrial Design Day Poster


The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) have awarded their poster competition prize to a Croatian design duo who created a poster out of garbage to proclaim their message of sustainability.

“Our process of thought started with the five basic needs of every human being: water, food, health, a home, and energy. As we believe industrial design can fulfill these needs, and the perfect way to do it is through the development of recycling and reusable energy technologies… We found that the only way the illustration could follow the meaning of the copy, is if the copy was indeed made out of old, thrown away items. For each of the five basic human needs, we chose a few corresponding items that we collected from our basements, attics and garbage disposal units.”

Additional credits:
Designers: Ivan Orin Vrkas & Bojan Kristofic
Core 77

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