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Would you like some Pride with that? #PrideFries

Would you like some Pride with that? #PrideFries

This is my own team’s work, but it was so much fun to make I just had to share here:

As a downtown Ottawa agency, Acart Communications is located in what is now known as “The Village” — the gay district of Canada’s capital. Every summer, Ottawa celebrates Pride Week with the LGBT community, including a parade down Bank Street, within site of my office windows.

As a welcoming business with LGBT and LGBT-allied staff, we wanted to do something this year to help spread the pride. We partnered with a neighbourhood business, Burgers n’ Fries Forever, to create the dish and jingle that you see above.

The video was entirely agency-produced, from concept to words and music, production, and animation. A portion of proceeds of all #PrideFries will be donated to Ten Oaks Project, a charity that helps LGBT kids go to a welcoming camp.

Even if you can’t make it to Ottawa in time to enjoy some #PrideFries, we hope you enjoy the song!

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