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Yeah!! We pay taxes

Yeah!! We pay taxes

The Battle of the Newspaper Ads: Belgium vs Holland

This ad is nominated for the NRC Charity Award (Dutch newspaper). It is from Oikos. They aim is to raise awareness about tax justice.
This subject has been receiving a great deal of attention in the Netherlands due to the country’s own image of being a tax haven.

A company must pay tax where it operates. Because there is more money for education, health care and infrastructure. In Europe but also in Africa.

Mark van Luyk, creative director/ photographer from agency BrandOutLoud: “It was a challenge to create a concept with an edge; without being demeaning or disrespectful towards the subjects and target audiences. This is why we decided to use humour – with a touch of down-to-earth observation – to make this subject more tangible for a broad audience.”

Over the years, Oikos has launched several nationwide promotions in support of international campaigns. This current ‘Tax Justice’ campaign, which BrandOutLoud developed with them, is their latest.

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