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Yes, we can do things with one finger

Yes, we can do things with one finger

“And now, with a finger, everyone most vulnerable to HIV can get tested” is the key message in this new campaign from Aides.
The previous campaigns from the French Aids information organization were about prevention by using a condom. Now it is about prevention by testing in HIV.

The campaign contains three items, the video as shown above, a game website and an Android app. It is about what you can do with one finger. Making music with private parts.
The website and the Android app are interactive. You can make music yourself.
“With just a finger, you can also test for Aids.”

And yes this campaign from Aids is in a very European style again. To be honest I don’t mind, I’m from Europe myself. It is a remarkable campaign and it doesn’t shock me. But what do you think? Is the line of decency crossed?
See the links to all Aides campaigns on Osocio at the end of this post.

The director is Jean-Michel Tessier and the music is from songwriter Flairs.
It is obvious why JWT Paris, the agency behind the campaign, didn’t make an iPhone app 🙂

Video ‘the making off’:


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