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You can hide your packs but you can’t hide from the effects of smoking

You can hide your packs but you can’t hide from the effects of smoking


Since the beginning of this month, all packs of cigarettes in Australia are decorated with smoking warnings and diseased body parts. Regardless of the brand. Australia is the first country in the world where tobacco brands are forced to sell their products like this. The only difference between the packs are the brand names, and these are all printed in an identical small font.
Plain packaging of cigarettes is a topical discussion around the globe right now and Australia is the first country to introduce the legislation.

Of course there are many ways to hide the horrific images on the packaging cover.
That is the idea behind the new campaign of Quit Victoria, the regional Australian anti-smoking organisation.
The tagline says it all:
“You can hide your packs but you can’t hide from the effects of smoking.”

Fiona Sharkie, executive director of Quit Victoria:
Plain packaging was definitely having an impact with a surge in calls to the Quitline. Although plain packaging is intended to prevent the uptake of smoking by young people, many smokers are experiencing a renewed urge to quit which is a great bonus.
One in four smokers still believe the effects of smoking have been exaggerated but now every time they pick up a packet, they are reminded of the fact half of all smokers will die of a disease like the one they are looking at.

The campaign made by agency Igloo is done purely for online and with no media spend it was picked up and played on National TV, tweeted by the minister for health in australia and generated a lot of conversation.

This campaign from Igloo for Quit Victoria was a quick response on the new developments.
The company called Boxwrap is selling stickers to help smokers conceal the health warnings and graphic images. See the video below.

Igloo Creative Director, Tony Prysten:
The 45 second online ad showcases Igloo digital’s ability to react quickly and create great content. From opportunity to online in less than a week, the highly targeted campaign asks smokers to think about what they’re really hiding from when covering up graphic images.

Quit Victoria
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director – Tony Prysten
Creative Direction – Tony Prysten, Peter Costello
Copy – Tony Prysten, Andrew Tanner, Peter Costello
Art Direction – Peter Costello
Executive Producer – Mathew Anastasi
Animation – Danny Masalkovski

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