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You can’t ignore child labour

You can’t ignore child labour


On the 26th of March, World Vision launched a campaign to create more awareness around child labour.  One hundred children demonstrated against this cruelty and visited embassies and the Dutch House of Parliament that day.
In order to support this cause, agency Ogilvy pasted life size adhesives of children at automatic revolving doors in Amsterdam, The Hague and Enschede.
Copy above the adhesives: “You can’t ignore child labour –” (kinderarbeid: child labour).




Ogilvy Amsterdam
Additional credits:
Creation: Léon van Hooijdonk (copy), Cynthia Tiebosch (art), Ogilvy
Creative director: Darre van Dijk, Piebe Piebenga
Photography: Arno Bosma
Retouche: Arno Bosma
World Vision: Brigitte Brinkel, Peter de Ruiter

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