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You can’t say you didn’t know

You can’t say you didn’t know


Publicis Dialog sent this new campaign for Proefdiervrij (Dutch Association against Animal Testing).
This campaign is about consumer awareness of animal-testing free cosmetics. You can help when you don’t buy it.
Proefdiervrij runs a dedicated website where you check which cosmetics are tested on animals. You can’t say you didn’t know if your cosmetics are tested on animals or not.



Watch also the tv-spots from Proefdiervrij. In these videos people are asked to test some chemicals on their beloved pet.
The reactions are obvious.

Watch tv-spot ‘Rabbit’
Watch tv-spot ‘Dog’
Watch tv-spot ‘Horse’
(Go here for different file-formats)

Update: the video’s mentioned above aren’t available anymore at the website of Proefdiervrij. But on Youtube they are, see below.



Publicis Dialog
Additional credits:
Art Director: Bram Tervoort
Copywriter: Chester de Vries

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