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You can’t unsee this stuff

You can’t unsee this stuff


For several years, “can’t unsee” has been one of those handy little internet clichés for shock memes to ghastly to comprehend.

The hip reference is put to great use on these posters for the Ottawa International Animation Festival, turning the phrase around with an ironic twist. However, my favourite thing about the campaign is the illustrations by Michael “Zeke” Zavacky. It’s as if someone had reanimated Lichtenstein to capture the faces of people in “2 Girls, 1 Cup” reaction video.

But don’t worry. If you’re an animation fan, there’s probably nothing playing there that you’d want to unsee…

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Ottawa International Animation Festival
McMillan, Ottawa, Canada
Additional credits:
Ian Driscoll (Creative Director/Writer)
Jared Barter (Designer/Art Director)
Michael Zavacky (Illustrator)
Nicolas Gregoire-Racicot (Strategist)

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