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You hate the mirror after ten years of drinking

You hate the mirror after ten years of drinking


This new campaign in the form of an app should be a success. Because at this time the most important thing is beauty. Everyone wants to hold the age of 20. Drinking too much alcohol on a long term is an attack on staying pretty.
That’s the idea behind this new campaign from Drink Smarter, an initiative from Healthier Scotland.

“Is alcohol ageing you? Deeper wrinkles, red cheeks and weight gain… some of the visible effects of regularly drinking too much are not a pretty sight.”

Judging by the many reports in the media this app will be a hit. I hope that is the case in bars and other places where alcohol is consumed.
I’m 100% alcohol free myself and now I know why. I just tried the app myself and the result is absolute horror. I dare not to publish the photo.

And of course an Scottish newspaper tried some celeb pictures. Because there is web version of the app also.

The smartphone app is available for iPhone/iPad and Android.

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