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Your baby’s not a baby anymore

Your baby’s not a baby anymore


This is the latest addition to the Baby Can Wait campaign from the United Way of Greater Milwaukee.
October is Let’s Talk Month in this campaign – a time designated for parents to start talking to their kids about healthy sex practices and relationships. For many, this is a difficult and often awkward subject.

The ads feature teens in a high chair, car seat and stroller, with the headline “Your baby’s not a baby anymore.” “Talk to your teen about sex.” Parents are directed to, where they can find a tool kit on how to begin an open dialogue with their teens about sex and healthy relationships.

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United Way of Greater Milwaukee
Serve Marketing
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Art Director: Bryan Padovano
Copywriter: Nick Pipitone
Photographer: Jeff Salzer
Photo Retouching: Anthony Giacomino
Account Executive: Matt Larson

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