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Your carbon handprint: Wipe it on your bum

Your carbon handprint: Wipe it on your bum

The most remarkable thing about this video is, besides the message, that it is free of charge for cinemas. The message itself is also targeting moviegoers pointing to behavior before, during or after the movie. It is about the wasteful hand drying in the cinema bathroom. That can be expressed with a new word: carbon handprint.


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In the video the invisible connection is made between the not-so-remote coal mine and a bathroom appliance that can be found in many offices, malls or cinema toilets. It shows the chain of events necessary to operate a hand-dryer, concluding with the message that its purpose can be served with a less carbon-heavy alternative.

BEE Environmental Communication, the agency behind the campaign:

We didn’t design a ‘usual’ awareness raising campaign. We realized the need to change the battlefield – and find a way to find wider, and different audiences. This new campaign video is therefore tailor-made for cinemas, where people from all walks of life gather. Just as you can’t escape the “turn of your mobile phone” public service announcement prior to a movie screening – we hope that through this medium we can reach more people.

Agency: BEE Environmental Communication (Budapest, Hungary)
Campaign website:

Making the video:

Wipe it - Mind your carbon

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