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Your flight has an impact

Your flight has an impact

A new shocking PSA from Plane Stupid. Plane Stupid is a network of grassroots groups that take non violent direct action against aviation expansion.
Brief: “We wanted to confront people with the impact that short-haul flights have on the climate. We used Polar Bears because they’re a well understood symbol of the effect that climate change is having on the natural world.”

Yes I get it. The message comes in loud and clear. And artistically it is very creative.
But does agency Mother London think about the impact of this PSA? The first seconds watching it I was thinking about 9/11. And what will animal rights activists think about it?
The PSA shows a kind of violent imagery that makes people tune out to avoid it.

I’m sure that this video will generate a lot of discussion but will it be about climate change or the video itself?
What is your opinion?


Plane Stupid
Mother London
Additional credits:
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Editor: Adam Spivey @ The Quarry
Post-production: MPC
Sound Design and Audio Post Production: Anthony Moore @ Factory
Cinema Mix: Anthony Moore @ Factory & Andy Humphreys@ 750mph

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