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Your head is like a fragile egg

Your head is like a fragile egg



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It is not the first time a egg is used as a metaphor for our head. The Swiss accident insurance fund (Suva) is promoting the use of bicycle helmets. This is not compulsory in Switzerland. The start of the cycling season in spring coincides with Easter. Painted eggs are exchanged at Easter in Switzerland. 200,000 real eggs were used as advertising materials for this campaign.

A human face was printed onto the 200,000 real eggs in an elaborate printing process. The following message could be read on the reverse: “Your head is fragile. Wear a bicycle helmet.”
The quota of people wearing bicycle helmets in Switzerland reached a record in 2007: from 30% to 39%. An increase of + 9%. The increase in previous years was + 1% to 1.5%.



Ruf Lanz, Zurich
Additional credits:
Markus Ruf: Creative Director
Danielle Lanz: Creative Director
Grit Wolany: Art Director
Nicole Glaus: Copywriter
Susan Huber-Brun: Client Supervision
Ueli Moser: Client Supervision

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