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  • Last night everything changed

    This is not an official spot but a video made by filmmaker Pablo Olmos Arrayales inspired by the work of TAC, the Transport Accident Commission from Australia. Pablo: More work from Pablo Olmos Arrayales here and on Osocio here.
  • Data visualization with empty chairs: A place to remember

    Click to enlarge. This is data visualization with empty chairs. It was the Christmas Holiday campaign from TAC Road Safety, the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria region in Australia. A 65m long table complete with 257 empty chairs sits as a grim reminder of the road toll in 2012. Each empty place remembers a life lost on Victorian roads. Tribute […]
  • 2010 MAFMAD Winning films

    These are the winners of the MAFMAD contest from TAC. MAFMAD is Make A Film. Make A Difference, it is the yearly contest from the Transport Accident Commission in Australia. The competition calles on young film makers, 25 and under, to write an idea for a short film that will challenge young people’s attitudes to driving, independence and looking out […]
  • Some Things Can’t Be Reversed

    Jean Julien from iPub send me this video from the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT, USA). The video shows a reverse filmed accident caused by drunk driving. I’ve seen that before. I found five other campaign video’s made with the same technique. See them after the break. The NMDOT advertising campaign coincides with the SuperBlitz which runs throughout the […]
  • TAC: Watch the road toll halve

    On December 10th 1989 the first TAC (Transport Accident Commission Australia) commercial went to air. In that year the road toll was 776; by last year it had fallen to 303. For this years Christmas campaign TAC made a five minute retrospective of the campaigns produced over the last 20 years. The montage features iconic scenes and images from commercials […]
  • Make a Film, Make a Difference

    Are you a young film maker and do you live in Victoria, Australia? This could be your chance to be in the director’s chair and have your short film shown in cinemas and at youth festivals around Victoria. You’ll also be helping to change the way young people think about driving and taking risks on the road. The 2006 ‘Make […]
  • Interview: Kathryn Bolkovac – The Whistleblower – One Woman’s Fight for Justice

    Human trafficking – it is the new slave trade, an action many of us thought be extinct after the US Civil War. But it is worse than ever, not least because many of the victims hand themselves over to get out of economic and political peril. They want to flee societies in turmoil, corrupt systems, they want to find a […]