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  • Climate change deniers deserve an anthem too

    Environmentalist, Tree Huggers, Climate Loonies – whatever you call them – have a big load of music supporting their cause. With as the absolute highlight the anthem “We Are the World.” That was a thorn in the eye of climate change deniers, because the are the world too! The friends at Funny or Die therefore made this new anthem and and accompanying video […]
  • Don’t Be So Complicated, Counteracting Climate Change is Easy

    The people of The Climate Reality Project don’t understand why the world leaders make such a fuss of COP21 in Paris. Combating climate change is reasonably straightforward as long as you make the right easy and predictable choices. Therefore they came with the which is a petition campaign. They website, made by agency Mustache, contains over 20 videos from about 24 seconds (a nod to […]
  • The sound of climate change from the Amazon to the Arctic

    In the summer of 2013 I posted an video about an interesting project. It was a completely different approach to visualize global warming: with a Cello. The same people now made ‘Planetary Bands, Warming World’. The co-creators, University of Minnesota undergraduate Daniel Crawford and geography professor Scott St. George, composed a piece to highlight the places where climate is changing most rapidly. Daniel […]
  • Renaming the Hurricanes into Climate Change Deniers

    In order to increase awareness of climate change and it’s link to extreme storms, 350 ACTION is petitioning the World Meteorological Organization to change their naming system of storms from randomly selected names, such as Katrina and Sandy, to the names of actual policy makers who deny climate change. The campaign, at, kicks off with a video that brings […]
  • TV actress gets naked, painted, de-nippled for PETA climate change ad

    Margaret Denise Quigley (“Maggie Q”) is an American model and actress, currently known for her role in the title role of the TV series Nikita. A devoted vegan and animal rights activist, she has disrobed for PETA before, once covering her private parts in lettuce leaves and another time with chili peppers. This time, it’s body paint to represent the […]
  • Blow the kids up for Climate Change

    This video, which was released thursday, caused a lot of discussion since then. The video made by Richard Curtis (Blackadder, Four Weddings and a Funeral) and directed by Dougal Wilson was meant to be part of the 10:10 campaign. The video shows four scenarios in which anyone who says they are not going to do anything about climate change is […]
  • I’m sorry, we could have stopped catastrophic climate change #COP15

    Next monday, dec 7, the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference finally start in Copenhagen. All visitors who came by aeroplane (…) will see these billboards at the Copenhagen Airport. They campaign from Greenpeace shows our world leaders in 2020. The leaders: Sarkozy (FR), Merkel (Ger), Obama (USA), Tusk (PO), Lula (Br), Zapatero (Es), Brown (UK) and Harper (Can). See […]
  • Moms Against Climate Change #COP15

    In December, at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, world leaders will come together to discuss this issue, and Canadians want results. zig joined with Environmental Defence, ForestEthics and hundreds of volunteers to produce this film, and the web site that goes with it, to inspire grassroots action from Canadian parents. The effects of climate change are going […]
  • Climate Change Destroys Lives: Let’s Face It

    New campaign from Oxfam Ireland: Climate Change Destroys Lives: Let’s Face It and Change It. The purpose of the campaign is to show how the world’s poorest people are the ones most directly affected by climate change. The concept for the ad and website show a person being eroded and damaged by climate change, but then being restored by positive […]
  • Melting Man Begs for Climate Change Action

    Interrupting the flow a busy sidewalk in Buenos Aires, Red Cross Argentina staged this attention-grabbing intervention made of people and plastic.  The melting man’s handout urges Argentinians to use public transportation, conserve water, reuse plastic bags, and buy energy-efficient appliances. Special thanks to @expresident. Advertiser: Red Cross Argentina Additional credits: Via @expresident Source: Art Threat
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