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  • The milk ad they don’t want you to see

    The campaign from Greenpeace against the Nestle palm oil policy was a big succes. Remember the Have a break? campaign? Greenpeace New Zealand is trying to do same against Fonterra, the multinational dairy company, calling for an end to its use of palm kernels, which they says contributes to the destruction of rainforests. Fonterra slammed the video as an “appalling” […]
  • Bristol Palin and Abstinence’s Failings

    Bristol Palin, 19-year-old daughter of former U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and perhaps the United States’ most famous teen mom, stars in a new PSA promoting teen abstinence: Bristol, who has been quoted before saying it was unrealistic to ask young people to abstain from sex, has recanted and become a spokesperson for The Candie’s Foundation. It’s an organization […]
  • New logo for Al Gore and friends

      At March 31 the American Alliance for Climate Protection launched a multi-year, multi-faceted campaign designed to solve the climate crisis. The Alliance’s three year, commercial-scale campaign will fund an aggressive online activation and mobilization program supported by nationwide television, print, radio and online advertising all geared towards engaging 10 million supporters to drive policy change. The visual eye catcher […]
  • Use a cabeça

    This week was Semana do Meio Ambiente (Week of the Environment) in Brazil. They invite the peple of five big Brazilian cities to use their head (and their butt 🙂 to help to save the climate. Everybody can participate with cycling, skating or walking. The “Volta pelo Clima” (“Return for the Climate”) was in Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Rio […]
  • Let’s talk about …

    Question: “My daughter told me that she and her boyfriend have decided that they are ready to have sex.  She asked me if I would make a doctor’s appointment so that she can get birth control pills.  We had a long talk about all that will change with this new decision, but she feels sure this is what they want […]
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