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  • Dramatically beautiful music from WWF about the tragedy below sea level

    The music in this campaign WWF will win lots of prizes. It’s beautiful and dramatic. It’s used in this new animation about irresponsible and damaging activities like overfishing, pollution and climate change. And how it effects life below sea level. Seastars is the name of the campaign from WWF-The Netherlands. Become a star of the sea and help is the […]
  • Mysterious campaign lets politicians do Aloha!

    On 18 February 175 mysterious election signs appeared in 130 municipalities in Flanders. With posters of the party chairmen of the five largest political parties. In Aloha outfit! But Why? That became clear on February 19, when the party leaders were plastered with the slogan “Belgium is not an island., The world’s problems are ours. Challenge our politicians to look […]
  • Looking back from 2024: 10 years Robin Hood Tax

    2024: Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead), Bill Nighy (Love Actually), Clémence Poésy (Harry Potter), Heike Makatsch (The Book Thief) and Javier Cámara (Bad Education) look back and discuss the success of 10 years Robin Hood Tax. Robin Hood Tax is a simple idea. 0.05% tax on every financial transaction. Will be used for the battle against poverty and climate change. […]
  • Earth Hour 2013 – Power to the people

    Empowering people is essential for NGOs to prove that actions of each individual, when supported by an influential group, can actually have a real and significant impact.  The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) perfectly understood this notion so that in 2007, they created in cooperation with the agency Leo Burnett a unique international event :  Earth Hour. Remember, the […]
  • Book a Granny for Sweater Day

    This is a funny campaign from the World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF). It’s for National Sweater Day, Feb 7. WWF ask you to lower your heat and wear a sweater on that day, to conserve energy and take action against climate change. To make sure you don’t forget, participants can sign up for a reminder call, text or email from […]
  • 0.05% is such a difficult birth

    This video is from the new campaign from Oxfam Germany. The script is bit forced but I find it also hilarious. “What a difficult birth for such a small tax of 0.05% on all financial transactions! Best of all, used properly in the fight against global poverty and climate change, this little guy has the potential to change the world!” […]
  • This is the story of your food

    “Not everything is meant to travel. Choose local food.” New work from Latte Creative in their recognizable style. It is for Food We Want, an European campaign multistakeholer. It is a campaign to raise information, awareness and lobby to promote small-scale family farming and sustainable agri-food systems as a key solution to tackling hunger, as well as addressing poverty and […]
  • Unicredit out of Coal

    I posted a previous version of this video before but now in a new edit it is used in a real campaign targeting UniCredit, the Italy-based, pan-European banking organization. Banks like UniCredit, carry the responsibility for the environmental damage caused by coal. The campaign with the name ‘UniCredit get out of Coal. Now!’ is a joint initiative that demands the […]
  • QR on (melting) Ice

    It was complete madness in my country last month. It was because of the ice on canals and rivers. We silly Dutch love to skate outside which rarely occurs. Agency iris took the opportunity to raise awareness on the issue of climate change when the ice began to melt. In prime spots around the city of Amsterdam, QR codes were […]
  • “The world is flat” says Alex Bogusky’s latest campaign

    The Heartland Institute is an American “conservative and libertarian public policy think tank… which advocates free market policies.” Others would call it an “astroturfing” organization funded by political and corporate interests against climate change who are trying to change the way science is taught in public education for their own purposes.  (They were recently outed as having infiltrated Canada’s Carleton […]
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