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  • Plant a Thought, Watch it Grow #COP17

    There is a lot to read on the internet about climate change. Too much maybe. Heimat-Berlin devised a way to make this overload visually pleasant. They called it the ECOSPHERE Project. It is made for the COP17 Climate Change Conference held in Durban, South Africa right now. It became a project from CNN International for its coverage of the conference. […]
  • Romanians are smart

    Google live search can give terrible examples of discrimination and prejudices. That is what happens with Romanians too. The hate and prejudices towards the people of Romania are well known. Agency McCann Erickson Romania made a campaign about this for ROM, the famous Romanian chocolate bar. A remarkable initiative from a commercial brand. I just tried it myself started typing […]
  • Ban the Bomb: Alive and Kicking

    Nice animation from Vidar Bakkeli made for ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Banning Nuclear Weapons isn’t the most salient activist movement these days. Remember the 90s. That is what ICAN tries to change: “Our aim is to inspire young people to take action and raise awareness on the fact that nuclear weapons do not make us safer […]
  • The Denial Ends Sept. 14

    Two unusual and funny videos from the former master of the 30 second spot Alex Bogusky. It is for the Climate Reality Project. Their aim is bringing the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream and engaging the public in conversation about how to solve it. The project is funded and chaired by Al Gore. The videos are part […]
  • What goes around comes around

    According to Colossal Art and Design: “Carbon Sink is a controversial new installation at the University of Wyoming by British artist Chris Drury. The sculpture, a 36-foot spiral of logs morphing into charred coal, is constructed from trees that have died from skyrocketing beetle infestations across the western United States. The beetles population is usually tempered by cooler weather, but […]
  • Don’t Buy It! Shopping Channel

    Don’t Buy It is a new campaign, launched last month, against the renewing of the nuclear weapons system in the UK. It centres around three short films. Renewing is serious business. It isn’t the same as buying from a shopping channel, a colporteur or a market trader. In the UK it is about £90 billion for a full replacement for […]
  • Your Presence at Facebook is Powered by Coal

    Sometimes we think Facebook can change the world #egypt. But Facebook also uses more power than entire nations combined. Remember, your presence at Facebook is powered by coal, the number one contributor to climate change. That’s the reason why Greenpeace started fase two in their Unfriend Coal campaign. They’re calling it a Facebook TV Ad, because Greenpeace is releasing it […]
  • Soon the weather will be our biggest oppressor

    Two ads made for the IX congress of CPR and published in October 2010. Click the images to enlarge. Remarkable scenes with the knowledge of today. Arab terrorists and other scenes from the Middle-east. It is visualized too much on the cliche of modern warfare. Also with the use of a pyramid distracts the attention of the cause global warming. […]
  • About Fearless & Common Revolution: Alex Bogusky

    It looks as if we are on a sure way to self-destruction. All the signs are pointing to it: climate change, environmental issues,  world hunger, water pollution, air pollution, insufficient drinking water for billions of people … The list goes on and seems to grow longer every day. At times even the most optimistic despair in light of all this. […]
  • The DIY PSA

    One thing I love about the current media landscape is that it is as flat as the prairies. This is great news for activists, since anyone with a story to tell has access to the media and the means to be seen around the world. One example I’d like to share is the environmentalism of a local animal rescuer, educator, […]
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